[BLUG] Celebrating the life of Dennis Ritchie

Mark Krenz mark at slugbug.org
Fri Oct 14 16:38:46 EDT 2011

  If you haven't heard, Dennis Ritchie, the co-creator of the C
programming language and co-creator of Unix, has passed away last
Saturday at the age of 70.

 Rob Pike's Eulogy:

  This humble man basically as someone put it, created air for us all to
breathe. If you'd all like to have a beer tonight and we can honor him,
share stories and remember.  Maybe around 6pm at Max's Place unless
someone has a better idea. We'll probably be there for a while so if you
can't make it at 6, then maybe 7 or so.

Mark Krenz
Bloomington Linux Users Group

Sent from Mutt, which was written in C
  using Linux which was written in C,
    which is a derivative of Unix,
      which was written in C.

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