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I've got my husband using a Linux netbook these days, and my 11-year-old
stepdaughter is constantly asking to borrow it...I gave her an older Mac,
that she pretty much refused to learn to use, but she's doing MUCH better
with Linux...

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On Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 10:23 AM, Mark Krenz <mark at slugbug.org> wrote:

>  I saw an interesting thing happen on Saturday at PC Max.
>  While in there looking for wireless bridging equipment, I overheard a
> conversation between two customers, a mother and what I assume was her
> teenage son, talking to the salesman about Linux. The interesting thing
> is that the mother was actually trying to convince her son that Linux
> was good and he was the one being skeptical, making an excuse about it
> possibly not running many games.  Being the geek I am, I suddenly felt
> and uncontrollable urge to become a 12 year old kid in a computer store
> and found myself interjecting that it does play lots of games using Wine
> and pointed out that probably half the games that you see on the shelves
> would actually fully install and run under Wine these days.  It at least
> seemed to debunk a myth for him a little bit.
>  I'm not saying that it was unusual for a woman to be advocating Linux,
> or perhaps even a mother, its just that you don't see it happen often or
> even hear of it happening often. Anyways, thought it was an interesting
> thing to share.
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