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Do they not make Lithium-ion batteries for Canon cameras in this price 

Steven Black wrote:
> On Sun, Jul 13, 2008 at 03:50:57AM +0000, Mark Krenz wrote:
>>   As for batteries.  I never understand why people want to have AA
>> batteries instead of the lithium recargeable.  Sure, if you lose one it
>> is expensive to replace, but just don't do that.  I've never had one
>> fail on me, but I guess that can happen.  AA rechargeable batteries
>> won't last as long as actual AA batteries.  Especially the Energizer
>> rechargeable ones.  Those suck.
> My wife and I had trouble with rechargables until we found out there
> were a number of ways to kill them.
> AA rechargable batteries can last *longer* than actual AA batteries.
> Once we started taking care of our rechargable batteries, the number of
> pictures per battery change suddenly jumped way up. (And we normally use
> flash.)
> You need a smart recharger that won't overcharge the battery and avoids
> polarity reversal.
> If a rechargable battery is just left charging, it loses capacity. If it
> is left for days, you can make it totally useless.
> Simple overnight chargers are a quick easy way to kill rechargable
> batteries. Don't use them. Instead use smart quick chargers that shut
> off automatically when it is done.
> Also, avoid rechargable batteries that don't support quick chargers.
> They're just a waste of money. The slow chargers are much more likely
> to damage the battery life. If the battery doesn't support the quick
> chargers, you're basically buying little more than a single-use battery.
> Cheers,
> Steven Black
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