[BLUG] Giving out LiveDVDs at LinuxFest 2006

Chris Colvard blug_at_mailman.cs.indiana.edu
Thu, 23 Mar 2006 14:52:15 -0500

I was wondering what "LinuxFest 2006" was, when I found this link by 
Googling: http://www.ussg.iu.edu/linuxfest/

This should be helpful for those like me that have no idea what's going on.

-Chris Colvard

Mark Krenz wrote:

>  This is cool!
>   http://www.linux.com/article.pl?sid=06/03/16/1724219
>  I've been thinking about what kinds of things we could do at LinuxFest
>coming up on April 14th.
>  How would you feel about giving out LiveDVDs with several different
>LiveCDs on it?  This would be something different than the usual live
>CDs that you pick up and I think would be popular.  Heck, you could even
>put the Xen live CD demo on there.
>  We could customize the Grub boot screen to say something about BLUG
>and our URL, that way we don't have to spend a lot of money or time
>labeling the disks themselves.
>  We could make 100 of them for about $50-60.  10-12 of us could chip in
>$5 each for it or something like that.  With 100 we'll probably run out,
>but then again we should only give them out to people who have a DVD
>drive.  We'll give Ubuntu CDs to those that don't.
>  We would need people to cover each of the following tasks:
>  1. Create a Wiki page for this project and one for information about the disc.
>  2. Download the nautopia.net script and test it with a few Live CDs.
>  3. Find good LiveCDs and utilities to put on the disc.
>  4. Come up with a final list of things to put on the DVD
>  5. Make a LiveDVD with all of the above LiveCDs and utilities on it and
>     make sure it all works.  Make sure the 4GB iso limit of mount does not
>     break anything.
>  6. Create a custom Grub boot background advertising BLUG.
>  7. Collect money and buy 100 DVDs and sleeves.
>  8. Write each DVD.
>  9. Test each DVD.
> 10. Label all DVDs as "BLUG Linux LiveDVD 2006 - www.bloomingtonlinux.org".
> 11. Put all the DVDs in pouches.
> 12. Hand them out at LinuxFest 2006.
>  So first we need volunteers.  You can pick just one task if you want
>or you can pick a few.